The Everly Events  - Event venue for weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, showers, meetings, birthdays
Historic venue for weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, showers, meetings, birthdays

History of the Everly Event Venue at 111W Broadway Maryville TN

The page describes the history of the Everly Event Venue located at 111W Broadway in Maryville TN. The location was home of Roses Department store and TOmmy Covington Music. A recording of a young Dolly Parton was found in the basement floor and donated to the East TN Historical Society. A copy was also provided to the Dolly Parton Museum at Dollywood.


100 + Years of Tennessee History: The Everly's Story

The Everly is located at 111 West Broadway Avenue in the heart of downtown Maryville, TN. The building is steeped in local history dating back to the early 1900s when it was home to Roses Department Store. During the recent renovations, many retail items from Roses such as mannequins, store display fixtures, merchandise signs and vintage toys were discovered.  

By far the most well known business at this location was Tommy Covington Music.  Tommy was a well-known musician and songwriter who played with many famous Nashville artists.  In addition, he operated a successful music store and provided local guitar lessons. He actually built guitars to sell and use for the classes, over 150+ unfinished guitar bodies in the picture above were found in the building which were donated to Blount County Arts and Crafts Guild for artists to paint and auction for a fund raiser. Among the treasures discovered, the most interesting was a reel to reel recording of Tommy’s weekly 1950's radio show called the Hayloft Jamboree.  One of the many local and regional musicians featured on the weekly radio show was a very young guest named Dolly Parton.  On the recording her talent was obvious and Tommy actually predicted on air huge success for her.  This recording was donated to the East TN Historical society for preservation.  An employee from the historical society who also worked at WDVX where he hosted a Thursday night radio show used the recording as the foundation for a tribute to Tommy Covington and played the recording of Dolly.

Tommy’s music store was sold to the Ross Family who operated the music store until Ironstone Properties purchased it in 2012 and completed a restoration on the entire building.  For the last few years, the building was rented to a non-profit missionary company, who relocated to a new space.  Now, the downtown building is being offered as a public event venue.